Advanced Technology for Simplified Sensors

A New Era for Health Sensors

We’re creating a new era of wearable sensors with microfluidic technology and liquid graphene. Our technology will power accurate and important health data with nothing more than a sticker worn on the skin. Our scalable, affordable, noninvasive approach to sensor technology will transform the way we monitor health and manage disease.

We Can’t Afford the Status Quo
of Sensor Technology

Today’s sensor technology for testing biofluids is invasive, uncomfortable, expensive, and inconvenient. Those pain points equal lost opportunities for better preventive care, more cost savings, and less burden on healthcare providers.

Nearly 85% of healthcare costs are related to caring for chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or chronic pain; all of which require significant investment in monitoring and behavioral change.

Wearable sensors could play a vital role in curbing those costs, but the current technology falls short.

On fingersticks alone, people with diabetes can spend upwards of $2,000 a year just on lancets and test strips.  Imagine how their lives could change with a sensor that eliminated fingerstick blood tests.

Microfluidics Makes Better Sense

Our proprietary cost-efficient graphene extraction methods and breakthrough microfluidic technology will power a whole new kind of sensor—one that is highly affordable, effective, and nearly imperceptible to the user. Our liquid graphene sensors can be worn on the skin as a simple sticker to measure blood glucose, blood alcohol content, mineral levels, and more.

This new generation of noninvasive sensors will change everything, from performance health medicine to the management of chronic illness.

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